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Luk / Aug 24, 2012

With Zon'ozz going down the first week of attempting him on Heroic mode, Group 1 has ripped the face off of another faceless boss on the pre-Mists bucket list. Congrats on this achievement, and for the hard work restarting our heroic progression with Yor'sahj and Ultraxion these past few weeks.
Urklore / Mar 03, 2012
With the advancement of group 1 and group 2 still steadily progressing BD as a whole is kicking ass and taking numbers. With the addition of group 3 things are only looking up for the guild as a whole and we can once again take our place as one of the eleet raiding guilds on the server. We would like to welcome back fusoya to the raiding group and hope he hangs around for a long long time. We also want to welcome the following peeps to our guild raiding groups blueballs and Lukoffa both have made a huge impact to group 1.
Varial (GM) / Oct 24, 2011
On behalf of the Beautiful Death leadership I would like to give a huge thanks to Urklore for taking the initiative of developing a website community for our members. I would also like to thank Azliekat for all the work she has put into the website as well. I know this is a lot of work and takes time to develop and manage. Although you are both new to Beautiful Death you have gone above and beyond what is expected in many ways.

On behalf of all of Beautiful Death