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Raiding Teams
Beautiful Death currently has three raiding team working on heroic modes in Dragon Soul. For times on the raids please contact Lukoffa, Dribbles or Saber. Our loot system is simple main/off rolls if you get a piece of gear you get a point against you so if another piece drops and you roll against someone regardless of what the roll is it goes to the person with the least amount of points. If new members join the raiding team their points are averaged up with the rest of the raid so it is fair to our vets. For more information on this raid groups please contact Varial, Lukoffa, Dribbles, Saber.

Old content raiding – please see achievements and old content section.


Guild bank
(donations and retrieving items, tab 1) The guild bank is pretty straight forward. Give more then you take. If you don’t have access to a tab to grab what you need please contact one of the guild leads to help you out. Please note that we keep track of what is donated and taken so if you never donate it is highly unlikely that you will be able to take what you ask for from the guild bank.

Tab 1 - is the take a penny leave a penny tab. Low level items go in this tab and anyone can remove or add items.

Epics tab - this is a storage area for items used for high level enchants and gear. If there is a piece of gear you would like please contact Varial or Fusoya. Note we normally charge 50% of the sellable price for each piece of gear.

Social Community
Beautiful Death is a very social guild most of the social activity takes place in vent. It is very highly recommended that you join vent when you are in game to chat and get to know your fellow guild mates. Please show all members respect. Get involved with your guild, check with guild before you queue up for randoms, pvp, or quest. Don’t expect others to ask you take it upon yourself to ask them.

Achievements and old content
Beautiful Death works on achievements and old content we try to schedule these things for off raids nights such as the weekend. Anyone in guild can set up an achievements run or old content raids.

There are a few people that do pvp in Beautiful Death although it is not the guilds main focus. Feel free to set up RBGs

Guild Ranks
Really aren’t an important in Beautiful Death as it is in other guilds. Each and every one of our members have a voice and the leads of the guild expect to hear peoples suggestions. With that being said we do have a rank structure in the guild really the only ones you need to note are Guild Master, Raid Lead, and Peon. Of course Guild Master and Raid Lead are your guild leadership if you have questions or concerns contact one of them. Peon is a rank reserved for members that have not been around in more than a month or people that are in violation of the guild charter and rules. This rank has no access to the guild bank. Do NOT beg for a promotion it will not get you one.
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